Simple, real time voice chat for your remote team.

Walkie is a better way to communicate for distributed teams that don't want to spend all day in dry text channels.

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Voice Only

A voice only communication tool that enables teams to communicate with emotion and purpose.

Distraction Free

No more ⌘-tabbing. Spend less time in slack channels and more time on the work that actually matters.

Closer Together

Subtle hints of presence so that even the most distributed teams feel connected across continents.

Have fewer meetings and make faster decisions

Walkie keeps people out of unnecessary meetings by providing the value of real time communication with out the need for everyone to drop everything.

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Online or off, never miss another message

As teams become more distributed, timezones make it harder to schedule in-sync meetings. Walkie makes it easy for teams to communicate meaningfully on their own schedules via voice messages.

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Give your teammates a voice

A lot is lost in translation during day to day text based communications but with Walkie teams are able to keep in touch with tone and emotion through voice.

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Access for a select few teams and users while we tune the product.


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Mobile App

Access Walkie from anywhere, whether you're at home, at the ‘office’, or atop K2.


Type less, say more.

Work better and free yourself from the endless chatrooms.

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